How to Remove Stains from Cloths

Almost all stains are treatable and there is no reason to panic if a grease, juice, wine or any other stain occurs on your favourite cloth. The trick in handling stains is to act quickly without waiting for the stain to dry and become a permanent blemish on your garment. Basically, there are three steps when it comes to stain removal and they are blotting, rinsing and laundering, except when dealing with stain on leather and silk which require more specific technique. However, the remedies below work well on all materials no matter whether the stain is fresh or not, so check them out.

  1. Each stain is easy to remove when you know what has caused it. Figure out what kind of stain it is, so you can treat it the best possible way.
  2. When dealing with grease stains, remove any excess solids with a butter knife first, then turn the fabric with the stain face-down and put it on a stack of white paper towels. Next, pour a small amount of dish-washing liquid on the backside of the stain to loosen the grease, and leave untreated for a minute. Use a suitable detergent to pretreat the stain, and launder the fabric on the warmest water that manufacturer’s instructions allow.
  3. Stains caused by liquid substances such as coffee, wine, juice, tomato sauce and soft drinks should be blotted with cold water because hot water can set them into the fabric permanently. Once you have blotted as much of the liquid as you can, sprinkle salt on the stain to absorb any remaining moisture. Wait for a minute and pour club soda onto the stained area of the fabric, then blot it up with white paper towels. Pretreat with a detergent, and launder as usual.
  4. For ink stains, stretch the area of the fabric stained by ink over the top of a glass or jar. Pour rubbing alcohol slowly onto the stain, so the alcohol to pass through the fabric, washing the ink and getting into the container. Rinse with cold water and wash as usual.

Keep in mind that these tips are not suitable to be used on carpet stains as they require laundering. For stains on your carpet, consider consulting professionals.

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