How to Remove Stains from Clothing

No matter what type of stain is, prompt intervention can keep your garment away from the rag box. Except delicate fabrics, such as silk and leather, that best to be taken to a professional dry cleaner, the rest types of fabric can easily be cleaned with a sequence of several actions – blotting, rinsing and laundering. Even if the stain has dried, you shouldn’t worry as the cleaning solutions below work on set-in stains as well.

  1. Determine the type of stain you have to deal with. Whether it is caused by greasy food, juice, coffee, wine, ink, gum and etc. These stains are treated differently comparing to each other, so knowing what exactly has caused the stain will help you to determine how to treat it best.
  2. Remove grease stains by scarping off the excess first, then treat the spot with dish-washing liquid. Use the back of a butter knife to remove the excess solids from the garment, as advised by cleaners Bishopsgate. Place the clothing on a flat surface with the stain face down.  Put a stack of white paper towels beneath the stain (between the surface and the fabric). Pour a small amount of dish-washing liquid on the back of the stain and let it sit for a minute to break up the grease. Put the garment into your washing machine and launder it at the warmest water allowed by the fabric’s label.
  3. Blot wine, coffee, juice and soft drink stains with cold water. Then, cover the spot with an ample amount of table salt and leave like this for an hour or two, The salt will absorb the liquid and some of the dye in the stain as well. Wipe off the salt, then  pretreat with club soda and  detergent before washing the garment as usual.
  4. Remove ink stains by stretching the stained area of the garment over a glass or mason jar and slowly pouring rubbing alcohol over the stain. The alcohol will push the ink out of the fabric into the glass or jar. Rinse with cool water and launder as usual.
  5. For unknown stains, use an all-purpose stain remover, and then launder as  usual. In case, the stain is from nail polish, rub with acetone first and then wash the garment.

For more tips on removing stains from clothing, you can call cleaners Blackfriars. They would be glad to help you with anything they can.

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