How to Remove Pet Odor with Ammonia

Even the most well-trained pet can have an accident in the house, but what is important, is to take care of the mess as soon as possible. Cleaning your pet mess should not be a problem in most cases, although the odor that is left behind can be a bit more difficult to remove from surfaces like carpets and soft furniture. If you don’t take proper measures, that unpleasant odor could be perceptible for long time after the mess has been cleaned. Fortunately, stubborn pet odors can be successfully removed with a small dose of ammonia, and here are the instructions:
1. Use several paper towels to clean up the feces, then use additional towels to soak up any liquid left behind. Try to draw as much liquid out of the contaminated surface as possible by pressing the towels down firmly with your foot. Keep doing this until no more moisture is absorbed by the towels.
2. Mix together 1 oz. ammonia and a gallon of water in a bucket using a scrub brush to stir. The ammonia will sanitize the spot by eliminating bacteria in the feces. Using the brush, begin scrubbing the ammonia solution gently into the surface by working in small circle motions as advised by carpet cleaning Parsons Green team. Dip the brush back into the solution if necessary.
3. Pour a half cup of water over the affected area to rinse. Blot with clean paper towels until the area is clean and the ammonia smell is gone from the surface.
4. Spray enough enzymatic cleaner to soak into the material, and allow it to sit on the surface for at least an hour before blotting with paper towels. Enzymatic cleaners are specifically designed for pet stains, and such a product will help break down and remove any residual feces from the surface without damaging the fabric.
If the pet odor remains, consider hiring carpet cleaning Parsons Green or other suitable for you cleaning company.

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