How to Remove Marshmallows from Carpet

Young children often drop things onto the carpet, and if it is a marshmallow, it is very likely to find yourself with a sticky stain to remove. Fortunately, there are several techniques that you can use to remove marshmallows from carpet, just figure out which one will work best in your case. Here are the methods on how to remove marshmallows from carpet.

  • Try to remove the marshmallow from your carpet using plain water. Since marshmallows are biodegradable, the water would eventually break them down. Simply rub the the marshmallows away from the carpet using a damp cloth, or a steam cleaner. Even if the mess seem to become worse at the beginning, keep working on the stain and it will come out eventually.
  • Citruses contain mild acid that helps breaking down certain materials, including marshmallows. Purchase a cleaner that has citrus as primary ingredient to remove the marshmallows from your carpet quickly and easily. Simply, follow the directions on the cleaner’s label and the stain should be gone eventually. However, it would be a good idea to test the cleaner first, as advised by cleaners Brockley, in order to ensure that it won’t damage the carpet in any way.
  • One of the easiest and harmless method to remove sticky substances, such as marshmallow, from a carpet is by freezing them with ice cubes. Put several ice cubes in a plastic bag to prevent wetting the carpet, then place the bag over the mess and wait for the marshmallows to freeze. Once the marshmallows have frozen, use the edge of a spoon or the back of a butter knife to scrape away the mess. Scrape until most of the marshmallow has gone, and then clean up the remaining stain as you usually would.

If you face difficulties removing the marshmallow from your carpet, consider using professional carpet cleaning services. Since most professional cleaning companies, including cleaners Brockley, have years of experience in carpet cleaning, they would know exactly how to get your carpet clean.

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