How to Remove Juice Stains On Teeth

It is great to drink fruit juice at least from time to time. They are really tasty, and most of all contain a lot of vitamins that your organism need to develop a strong immune system. Unfortunately, juice can have a negative effect, too. For example it can cause a really stubborn stains and damages on your enamel surface. Generally, it usually leads to s discoloration. This doesn’t ,mean that you should stop drinking any type of juices. Instead, you just have to put more efforts in taking care of your teeth, especially if you notice a juice spots on your enamel.
Considering how annoying may be such stains cleaners Hillingdon Heath provide the following tips on how to deal with the juice traces on your teeth:
To begin swill your mouth with water after drinking juice. Try to make it a habit not to eat or drink anything else the following 20 to 30 minutes, especially if you are about to consume colored foods and liquids like black tea. Cleaners Highbury explain that after drinking juice, your teeth are temporarily weakened from the acids in juice. It strips away a thin layer of enamel — leaving them more susceptible to stains.
You should also get used not to drink ice-cold juice. Cold liquids open the pores in the enamel of your teeth. That makes them more vulnerable to stains.
Regularly take advantage of the at-home tooth-whitening kits to brighten your smile. Trays and peroxide strips works best, as they hold the whitening agent against your teeth for extended periods of time. Before using them always read the instruction on the label extremely carefully and follow them strictly.
As a preventative measure you can also brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste, especially formulated to prevent new stains from occurring. This options is definitely better than the commercial toothpastes that only whiten your teeth. Cleaners Hillingdon explain that while some toothpastes are formulated only to whiten existing stains on your teeth, others form a protective layer around your teeth to block future stains . In case that you consume juices regularly, that is the type of paste you should use.

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