How to Remove Ink from a Leather Sofa?

Leather is not very delicate material. However it is very specific, especially when it comes to cleaning. It is maintenance-free as a furniture covering, but ink from a ballpoint pen can be particularly hard to remove. Ink marks are certainly easier to remove than a rip. Upholstery Cleaning Bromley provide the following steps to remove those pesky stains various upholstery:
Before you actually start the cleaning prepare leather master brand leather cleaner, shampoos for normal hair, cotton swabs and soft cloth as you will need them. First and very basic thing is to work on removing the stain as soon as you discover it. Dried ink is especially difficult to get out, unless you act very quickly. Then blot the stain with a soft dry cloth or cotton ball. Wet another cloth and clean lightly with circular movements. Dry the surface with a soft cloth. Work with a little saddle soap or another leather cleaner, but first read the label regarding to make sure it’s safe for use on your particular kind of leather. You may also try removing the stain with a solution of lukewarm water and shampoo. Alternatively you can contact the manufacturer for a remedy for the type of ink used. Many company sell their own solvent so sometimes it’s better to choose that approach.
In case you can’t handle that task and you are not aware what should you do, better use professional cleaning services. The job will be done for no time and results would be perfect. What cleaning approach you would use is a matter of personal preferences. No matter what your final choice would be, a cleaner Kingston wishes you good cleaning results.

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