How to Remove Ice from Your Windshield

The usual winter scenario is you, walking outside towards your car, but all the snow and the minus temperatures had frozen up the windshields and you literally cannot see anything. How to proceed? First thing you need to do is to turn on the cars engine, thus the heater. Note that if you put the heating system directly on extra hot, the windows may crack due to the sudden change of temperature. There are a few neat advices which a person should know so to prevent this from occurring.

Yes, you should turn the heat level to high, but be sure to set the fan speed to low. This setting is extremely important if you don’t want the upper mentioned incident to happen with your windshield. Secondly, following the wise advice given by the professional cleaners St Kilda is to apply some de-icing solution so the ice can thaw. Some people prepare such solutions in their homes and doing one by yourself is pretty easy – all you need is some ethyl alcohol and some plain water. If you don’t happen to have any alcohol, white distilled vinegar will work just as good.

Mix both vinegar and water in a spray bottle, in an even matter – ½ water – ½ vinegar or alcohol, whichever you decided using. Then it’s time to scrape the ice away. If you don’t own an ice scraper you may use a plastic spatula or a credit card.

After spraying the thawing solution onto the frozen windshield, gently start scraping off the ice. If the ice does not fall off easily, wait for the heater to unfreeze it even more so you don’t scratch your window. If the ice coating is particularly thick, start by scraping a small square in one corner and then work your way through the windshield.

You should know that the best way to protect your cars windows from frosting is by covering your vehicle with a proper cover. You can find a cover like this in almost every store that sales car accessories. Even professionals that specialize in spring cleaning, like spring cleaning Melbourne for instance, can tell you that covering your car is best.

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