How to Remove Halloween Glitter from Non-Washable Fabric

It’s Halloween, which means only one thing: glitter all around. No, I’m not talking about anything as severe as Ke$ha dropping off for a visit, but the customary Halloween cheer. Glitter makes for one heck of an atmosphere whether it’s costumes or decorations, but there are consequences from using glitter: difficult to remove stains.

Various cleaning W13 teams advise that glitter is a tough material to remove, because they are more or less mixed with a sticky coating agent that make them exceptionally resistant to most attempts at removal. Furthermore, their size complicates their removal as conventional means are often useless and are easy to be missed amidst a cleaning flurry.

If your party attire looks like a fairy bomb site, you’re facing one hell of a difficult stain. If your rental costume is made from non-washable material, you need to get a lint roller and roll it several times over an area until it’s cleared enough to move to the next. For maximum efficiency, cleaning W13 teams advise that you buy a heavy duty roller meant used for removing pet hair rather than the regular ones.

If a lint roller is not something you stash in your home, then you can go around a do it yourself way so that you don’t have to burden your budget with a product you don’t plan to use. Go to your local office supply store and buy sticky tape. I’d personally go for a wide and thick sticky tape that has a stronger than average grip. Roll the tape around your hand with the glue outwards and pad the spot with glitter, until it’s all removed.

These methods should accomplish the bulk of the job, but should they fail, then you’re left with one last trick to remove the remainder glitter. Take a metal nail file with a metal tips, which you then have to use to gently pry off the glitter pieces.

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