How to Remove Gum From Shoes

Everyone has experienced stepping on chewing gum. Whatever you do to avoid that, it just happens. Then you start to wonder how to remove the gum from your shoes. You couldn’t walk with them like that. Here are some tips which you should read to learn how to remove gum from your shoes effectively.

The first thing you could try is to scrape the gum with a plastic knife. That could definitely help in some cases. House cleaning Melbourne advise to freeze the gum. That is the best method to remove it completely from your shoe.

Get a plastic bag and put your shoe with the gum inside it. Press the bag on the spot where the gum is. Make sure that there is enough space in the freezer and place the bag inside. Wait until the gum freezes. That will probably take one or two hours.

When the gum is frozen, take the bag out of the freezer. Hold the shoe with one hand and the bag with the other. Pull them together abruptly. The gum should have stayed on the bag. If it is still on the shoe, you can easily scrape it away with a dull object. You can also use a plastic knife.

If you don’t want to put your shoe in the freezer, there is another option. Add some ice cubes in a plastic bag and put your shoe in the bag, You need to prevent any part of the shoe from getting in touch with the ice cubes. The only exception is the sole. Press it hard to the ice cubes until the gum freezes. Then, scrape it away.

In case there is some residue left, you will need to treat the spot with some rubbing alcohol. Get a cloth and apply some rubbing alcohol onto it. Scrub away the residue.

Follow the above steps and you will remove the gum from your shoe in no time. I got the tips from house cleaners Melbourne. They were cleaning my house when I decided to ask for some professional view and the tips turned out to be really effective.

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