How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes

You may accidentally spill food on your clothing while cooking or eating, which can leave an unsightly grease stain as a result. The key to getting rid of grease stains is to treat the stain immediately when it happens. The longer the grease sits on the fabric, the harder it will be to remove. Fortunately, there are several good methods that will help you to remove grease stains from clothes so that not a single trace of grease to be left after cleaning.

  1. Use an eye dropper to apply a few drops of liquid dish-washing detergent directly to the grease stain.
  2. Wait the detergent to soak into the fabric for 3 minutes and then wash the garment as usual. Examine the cloth for any remaining stain after the wash cycle. Do not put the clothing into the dryer if the grease stain is still visible. If the stain remains, proceed with the next step.
  3. Mix powdered laundry detergent with water to create a pasty substance. Rub the paste gently into the stain then wash the fabric as normal. Go to the next step if the stain persists after washing.
  4. Rub full-strength Lestoil into the grease stain. Use a damp cloth to blot and rinse the Lestoil from the garment, then add more Lestoil to the stain and wash the garment as usual. You can purchase Lestoil from most grocery stores. If you fail to remove the grease stain with Lestoil, move to step 4.
  5. Cover the grease stain with talcum powder or cornstarch. Leave the powder to sit on the stain overnight then wash the clothing as normal.

For grease stains on surfaces different from clothing, you can rely on professional cleaning services to get rid of them. This includes stains on carpets, sofas, mattresses and other furniture items that won’t fit in your washing machine.

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