How to Remove Gravy Stain From Your Carpet?

A carpet in your home is giving the warm touch that everybody needs in his room. Its color can be adjusted so it can fit to the environment of your living or dining room so it will do the atmosphere cozier. Most of the carpets bring their souls to the place, bought from exotic trips or purchased from distance countries or bought from the nearest DIY store, the caret is there to be respected. I will tell you a story. My husband invited his parents and I prepared wonderful pot roast, my special mix potatoes with shallot and my grandma’s secret gravy recipe.

Everything was fine until my mother in law decided to feed our dog at my carpet, I know she hates me, but to be so mean… After the dinner, I have to clean the gravy spot so here it is how I did the carpet cleaning.

Usually before I clean whatever is form the floor I firstly remove the excess of what is or blot the area so I can absorb it. Spray with shout spray for carpet stains an leave it a moment, so it can penetrate deeper. Prepare a simple cleaning solution from 1 tablespoon mild detergent mix it with a half a cup of lukewarm water and another half cup with white wine vinegar and clean the spot. Blot off the excess liquid. Apply the spot with some corn cornmeal and dry laundry powder

After you apply the dry ingredients, allow to them to absorb what they can absorb. If there is more need remove them and apply only new dry laundry detergent and damp. Apply more dry detergent and damp again. After a while you can remove what’s left from the detergent and clean it with the above solution, rinse with cold water after you are ready and let it dry over a fan.

If you have not this problem with your carpet or you are looking for professional cleaning services you can find some local company that will help you with cleaning out your home and carpets for affordable price.


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