How to Remove Grass Stains from Clothes

Every child now and then gets its pants stained with grass. This is something normal. The problem is that the stain is not so easy to clean. The important thing is to treat the stain as soon as possible, because the longer it stays, the harder it gets to remove it. Here is what you need to do to remove such stains:
First start by brushing off any excess grass or dirt from the clothing. If there is any mud on the fabric, gently scrape it off with a spoon or a dull butter knife. Cleaners East Wickham advise you to use lifting motions, otherwise you will spread the mud and make a bigger mess.
Find some enzyme powder, you can use some capsules of digestive enzyme and pour the powder out of them. Put it in a small bowl and add some water so that you make a paste. The amount of the paste depends on how big the stain is. The paste should be like a toothpaste.
Cover the stain with the paste making sure that you cover the whole of it. Remember t first try a small amount of the paste on a inconspicuous area of the clothing, so that you are sure that it will not harm the fibre or discolour it.
Leave the paste to sit for at least an hour.  Then without removing the paste launder the garment. Check the label for any special instructions.
When you have laundered the clothing, check if there is any sign of the stain. Even if you think that it is clean, cleaners East Wickham advise never to put the garment in the dryer because if there is any stain left, the heat will set it in permanently. It is best to air-dry it.
If your garment is a delicate material, you should better take them to a professional cleaner, rather than try and clean it yourself, because you might damage it.

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