How to Remove Deposits from Teapots

Usually, teapots are hard to clean. Therefore you need to know what exactly you are doing to gain the satisfying results, you are looking for. The main problem when cleaning teapots is not that the interior of these objects is difficult to reach and clean but refers to the lime deposits that build up inside the teapot. So, how could you handle this inconvenient situation?!

If you are wondering how to get rid of the calcium deposits inside your teapot, London cleaning professionals have one useful cleaning technique that you have to apply once a month. This cleaning method, you can find in the following lines.

1. The first step is to fill your teapot with clean water. You should pour in a little bit more water than usual. Then you have to pour in 1/3 cup of white vinegar.

2. Then you need to bring the teapot to a boil and let it sit this way for about 15 minutes.

3. After that, you have to remove the pot from the heat. Empty the teapot in the kitchen sink and let it to cool. When it is cool enough to touch it soak the pot in a mixture of warm water and some dish-liquid detergent.

4. Fill the teapot with the soapy water then empty again. Repeat this procedure a few times to rinse the pot well with the soapy solution. Take a soft bottle brush or some kind of a kitchen scrubber with a long handle to scrub the interior of the pot. Try to reach the entire inside of your teapot to be sure that it is thoroughly cleaned.

5. The last steps to take are to rinse the pot well with clean, warm water. Then let it to air dry. London cleaners say that after this cleaning procedure you should be able to see that the calcium and lime deposits that were on the interior of the pot are gone.

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