How To Remove Cranberry Juice Stain Out Of The Carpet

A simple small spill can ruin your beautiful carpet for no time. If the stains is bright red, resulted from cranberry juice the situation becomes even worse. These juice stains not only look bad, but they also create an unhealthy environment in a home. You have to treat cranberry stains carefully in order to prevent them from becoming embedded in carpet fibres and more difficult to remove. Fortunately, there a few simple steps which can make the cranberry juice removal not that hard to be done and to restore your carpet. Carpet cleaning Mayfair suggests to use these tips in order to handle with the stain removal from your carpet. What should you do?

To start, dissolve 1 tbsp. of mild liquid dish soap in 2 cups of cold water and thoroughly mix the solution.

Dip a soft, white cloth in the solution and carefully blot the cranberry juice with the cloth to lift it from the carpet. Don’t stop until the juice is completely absorbed.

Then rinse out the cloth in order to prevent reapplying cranberry juice to the carpet. Proceed with the blotting using the solution until red juice no longer transfers onto the cloth.

Check the carpet for remaining red stains. If there are stain lefts, use a mixture of 1 tbsp. of household ammonia with 2 cups of warm water in another plastic bowl. Put on latex gloves in order to to protect your skin from the ammonia. Dampen a white cloth in the ammonia solution and again blot the stained carpet with it until the red stain is completely removed.

After that dip a clean white cloth in cold water and blot the carpet with it to remove out the solutions. To finish blot the wet carpet with a clean terry cloth towel or paper towels.

In case that any of these don’t help, you just have to take more serious actions. It will be better to use professional services Mayfair Cleaners provide in order to save your carpet.


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