How to Remove Coffee Stains From Your Clothes

There is nothing that can compares with a cup of fresh aroma coffee early in the morning. Despite the fact that it helps you wake up faster, coffee gives a warm, pleasant feeling with every sip. Considering its frequent consumption on a daily basis, the chances to end up with such stain at the end of the day are really high. The dark color of coffee can be the reason for a nerve breakdown. Let untreated for a while, it may even become permanent. However, there are certain cleaning techniques which can eliminate the toughest coffee stain, of course if they are applied correctly.

Learn how to remove coffee stains from your clothes easily from the following cleaners Mayfair tips:

Option 1

To begin the treatment you should put your stained garment under a tap with cold running water. Then flush the coffee marks from the item, working from the back side of the coffee stain. Proceed doing that until the water start to run clear.

Next, lay an old rag on a flat surface and put your garment on top of it. Take another clean white rag or cloth and blot the stain with it. Continue blotting, changing the portions of the rag when they gets dirty. Do this until no more coffee transfers onto the rag.

Then apply a small amount of mild dish soap on the treated areas. Help with your fingers to work the soap deep enough into the fabric.
Swill the fabric once again with cool water, again working from the back side of the spill. Cover the stains with a laundry pretreatment spray .
After that launder the clothing as normal. Once the washing cycle is complete , take your item out and hand it outdoors to air-dry.

Option 2

If you notice any remaining marks from the coffee don’t fall into despair. Your garment is not ruined. You just have to try a different cleaning approach. Cleaning Mayfair specialists advise to use the commercial vinegar treatment. How to do that?

As a start take a careful look at the coffee traces .

Take a small bowl and pour equal parts white vinegar and cool water in it. Stir the water with your hands to dissolve the vinegar well enough.
Then dip a clean, white cloth or rag in th solution. Blot the vinegar onto the coffee marks. Proceed doing that until the stains are all saturated the with the vinegar.

Take a clean, white rag to blot the vinegar from the fabric. Continue with the blotting until no more coffee lifts from the fabric.

To finish just wash the garment as usual and hand it to air-dry.

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