How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From the Apartment

If I tell you that the cigarette’s are really endangering our health as passive smokers and especially if you smoke more than one packet per day you will experience serious issues. Oops, I lied. even if you are passive smoker you can do it. Even if you smoke one cigarette per day the risk of cancers is almost twice if you are passive smoker. Do not forget that the smoking is not endanger only you but and the people you love and carry one, because they inhale of those bad smoke compounds that are found in one cigarette.

The statistics are the hell for almost all the smokers out there. So, they say that the people who inhale all of those bad elements are not the smokers the passive one’s. In European union they are laws that prohibit smoking in one room of clubs, restaurants, bistros and cafes. They are usually two rooms, one for the bad habituates and one for the non-smokers. And some countries are going even further, for preventing non-smokers from intoxicating their bodies and growing one healthier nation.

As far as here everything is Ok, but what will happen of all that smoke that every body are running from is in your flat?  What you are going to do if the leaving the windows open is not working? Or you are renter that is moved in you property and end of tenancy cleaning has no being done by professional cleaning services, and the home stinks like pub, you should remove all that smell right?

Let’s start with the fresh air, open all the windows. And after you open them clean them with pure vinegar, with the last week’s newspaper. You can wash all of the furniture with with a vinegar cleaning solution that is consisting from equal part of, vinegar and water. Just use a regular upholstery cleaning brush and sponge inside the vinegar based cleaning solution. Add small dishes with coffee beans in every room that smells bad, and one small dish with a cotton piece that is sponge in vinegar or lemon juice.

Do not forget to the last precocious thing for you smoke free house, get in shape and perform the carpet cleaning. Use some aromatic carpet shampoo or find a local cleaning service to this service for you.

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