How to Remove Carpet Stains

Carpets are common in homes, adding an extra touch of class to homes if managed to be kept clean.  Unfortunately, spills occur on carpeting from time to time, and if we don’t tackle them immediately, a nasty stain may left behind. Follow these steps to learn how to get stains out of carpet quickly and easily.

  1. Gather all the supplies you need to get a stain out of a carpet in one place, this includes: table salt, stain remover, carpet brush, towels. If some of these products  is not available at your home, you can purchase it from any grocery, hardware or drug store.
  2. Absorb the excess moisture from the carpet. Sprinkle generous amount of table salt over the stain and let it sit on the carpet for about 20 minutes. The salt will extract the stain-causing liquid out of the carpet fibers, and will also absorb any colouring in the stain if it was caused by juice or wine, according to cleaners Brockley.
  3. Apply a carpet stain remover to the stain while the salt is still on the carpet. Allow the cleaning solution to work on the stain for several minutes before rubbing the stain gently with a carpet brush. Use the brush with circular motions to get the stain out of your carpet, then blot up the moisture with a clean towel, as advised by carpet cleaning London experts. Repeat the process if the stain remains, then proceed to the next step.
  4. Rinse the cleaned area with water, then soak up the moisture with a towel and allow the carpet to dry completely. Once the area is dry, run over the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to pick up any remaining dirt and salt.

These steps will help you to get stains out of carpet easily but they are not appropriate for entire carpet cleaning. If your carpet needs through cleaning, you’d better call professionals, such as cleaners Brockley,  to ensure that the carpet is properly cleaned.

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