How to Remove Burnt on Sugar from a Pan

Keeping the kitchen cutlery clean is of a great importance for any household. That will keep any harmful bacteria away and you will have one tidy place where you can cook and eat. Washing dishes, cutlery, wiping grease is just part of the entire process. Cleaning services Melbourne area has got, are also an option that could be of some help when it comes to more heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Like the oven, for instance.

For those, who love to bake cookies and other sweet thing there is one issue that they often come across – burnt-on sugar. Once stuck at the bottom of your pan, burnt on sugar is hard to be removed. It usually leaves black scars at the bottom and it takes a lot of scrubbing especially once it dries. With the few simple steps you can easily remove it though. Remember burnt-on sugar or any other burnt-on food should not stop you from cooking you favourite things. First, you have to cover the affected area with hydrogen peroxide. Put it on the hot plate and wait until it starts boiling. The hydrogen peroxide cuts through the sugar, that way the stain will melt and all you got to do after that is to wipe it with a sponge. If the stain persists after that action, you will have to try different approach. Combine dish-washing detergent and hot water, it will form suds. Place the pan in that solution and let it stay in it overnight. First thing in the morning scrub the loosened sugar. And if that doesn’t work you can try baking soda and boiled water as a third option. Again soak and try to get the burnt-on sugar off.

Cleaning in the kitchen is imperative, it\s a task that requires commitment. Keeping the cutlery there clean is part of that commitment. You can achieve that goal either by yourself or with professional assistance. Cleaners in the big cities are offering wide spectrum of services: house keeping, one-off cleaning, carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning Melbourne truly is one good place to live in.

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