How to Reduce the Amount of Pet Fur in Your Apartment

Pets at home are the ones who cheer you up when you are sad or alone and just need some company. They are always there no matter what you do, unless you are really mean and they simply escape, but they also cause extra work for cleaners Armadale when working at your house. Pet fur has this special quality of being everywhere, sometimes it seems that it’s even in unpacked products starting with the moment you take them out of the bag after shopping. It is impossible to get rid of all of it, but there are some actions you can take to reduce the damage.

Combing your cat or dog will help in two ways. Firstly, the old fur will stay in the comb and it will be better for the pet to make the process of changing the fur easier. Secondly, the more fur you comb, the less stays to be all over your apartment.

Never let your pets around your clothes. Some cats for instance like sleeping in the wardrobe on some t-shirts, which is totally unacceptable. When you come home from work, don’t take your pets on hands, first change your clothes to the one you wear at home and keep separately so that the fur doesn’t get on your good clothes and you don’t need to wash it all the time.

Use the vacuum cleaner instead of broom before mobbing your floors. If you use the broom then a lot of the fur just stays in the air and falls on the floor again later. Vacuum cleaner doesn’t leave this option. Use it more often even between regular cleaning Armadale and the amount of annoying fur in your apartment will decrease.

No cleaning will help if you or one of your family members is allergic to fur, so in this case you’ll just need to change the pet to less harmful one, like golden fish or allergy free cat like sphinx, which doesn’t have any fur. Allergy is not the only problem; some people are just too annoyed by fur, so before giving a pet to someone as a present make sure it will not cause any trouble.

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