How to Protect Our Home from Pet Allergens?

Allergies can be very annoying and dangerous for your health. You should take the time to read through some information, consult a doctor, a cleaning professional or anyone who can help you prevent the allergens from spreading throughout your home. The following article will explain how to minimize the danger.

Most of the allergies are caused by cats, dogs and rodents. The animal allergens are mostly found in the following: dead skin cells; on their fur; in their urine; in their cage litter and in their saliva (which becomes airborne when dried). Although, those are not the only causes for allergies. Horses, cattle, rabbit, birds, feather products can also start your allergy! You can even suffer from the symptoms if you don’t have a pet, namely, when exposed to allergens in someone else’s house or in their clothes.

But how do I control it? – you would ask. First off, you should start with a regular pet bath. Usually once a week is enough. It is especially hard with cats, since they hate water. The best way to do it is to start bathing them when they are small. This way they have more time to accustom to the routine. Kitty treats might also help! Every cat loves them, and they would do anything to get one, right?

When you are moving, it is very important to call a professional cleaning company. They are pros and they know how to handle your old/new apartment. You can be sure that your home will be allergy free for a while! It is always good to replace the carpets with a hard flooring. For example, wood, tiles, linoleum, vinyl. Also try to replace the soft furnishing. Make sure that the surfaces your pet sits on are washable!

Since it is very important to clean the pet bed and litter box, you have two choices: either to ask a non-allergic friend to help with this, or do it yourself but wearing a mask. Consider using a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter at home. This may greatly reduce the airborne pet allergens! Try to keep your pet outside as much as possible. It shouldn’t be a problem for some species at all. When the animal is inside, you should keep it in the room with least soft furniture, provide a comfy bed for it and absolutely keep it out of your bedroom (if you have the allergy)!

And don’t forget – the most important step when you move in at a new place is to make a thorough cleaning. You can call a cleaner Kingston for help. You wouldn’t want to catch any unexpected allergies, right?

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