How to Prevent the Smell of Still Air and Mildew

Has your place ever smelled of mildew and still air after you’ve returned from a holiday? How did you deodorise your house then? Do you know how to prevent this odour next time you go on a holiday? Read on to to find out.

The smell of mildew and still air, and even of mould, is a common problem in cities with high humidity, like London. This odour worsens when you don’t ventilate your place regularly, as when you are on holiday or business trip for a long time. How to solve this issue?

Most people, nowadays, use commercial deodorisers, as they are very popular. There are different types of these products, but not all of them are eco-friendly and healthy. Most of the commercial deodorisers contain chemicals and lots of alcohol which makes their aromas smothering. They can be very dangerous for asthma and other respiratory diseases sufferers. That is why Cleaner London doesn’t recommend their use. There are other methods for deodorising and preventing bad odours, which the majority of people doesn’t know about. Here they are:

  • When you are going on a holiday or somewhere else for a long time, and there won’t be anyone in your house to ventilate it, you can leave an open box of baking soda in each room. It will absorb all bad odours. You can also use cornstarch, if you don’t have bicarbonate of soda. And if you want to make things even better put some potpourri in every room, too, they emit a nice floral aroma.
  • Another easy technique to prevent the smell of mildew and still air is to cut a few lemons in halves and to leave a lemon in each room. It blocks all bad odours and makes your place smell of citrus fruits.

The deodorising techniques of Cleaner London may seem too simple, but believe me they work. Instead of using expensive aerosols and other deodorisers, follow these tips and you won’t have any problems with the smell of mildew and still air.

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