How to Prevent Mites

Mites are microscopic spidery animals which live in our homes without we even know it. Their living environment is the home dust. They live in huge colonies in plush toys, carpets, bedsheets and mattresses. Plush toys of your child is probably full of several millions of mites no matter how often you wash them.

Mites actually are not dangerous. They will not bite or hurt you as they feed with dead skin cells. The problem comes with the substances they release in the air while eating. You breathe them which leads to allergic reactions, asthma or other respiratory problems.

The mattress is the biggest incubator, especially if it is made with springs. Cleaning Brent Cross experts warn you when choosing a new mattress – the empty spaces between the springs get full of dead skin cells which creates the perfect conditions for a mite colony. Foam plastic mattresses are not recommended, too, as they attract moisture, dust and favours mould and mildew growth. No matter if you are allergic or not, experts recommend you to choose a latex or foam mattress. These types does not have cavities that attract dust and mites.

Of course, you will never get rid of dust and mites completely. That is why you need to keep their population under control and minimize their amount. Change bedsheets and clean the mattresses regularly and put them under direct sunlight whenever you can.

If you are already allergic or suffer from asthma you may look for a cover specially designed to prevent mites from evolving on your mattress. There also are different products that might be helpful in your fight against mites. The best way to keep mites away is to clean the mattresses, upholstery and carpets using a vacuum cleaner with water filter or HEPA filters.

Another way to keep your mattresses, upholstery and carpets is to get them professionally cleaned. The professional carpet cleaning Islington have the knowledge and equipment required to provide you perfectly cleaned and healthy carpets and upholstery. All you have to do next is to keep them clean until the next time of spring cleaning.

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