How to Pack Like a Champion

Packing is the most difficult part of some of the cases when you have to move to live somewhere else. Because this process can dramatically slow you down it needs some thinking over. So how do you reduce the time on your packing while you still have to think everything over very carefully. Well there is a way to succeed in this task.

Because inly you know how to pack your stuff the way you want to, why not try it out on the entire house, alone! Yes that is correct – alone! Why is that, you would ask. Well, anyone else will just ask too many questions during the packing and therefore will be slowing you down. You don’t need that. You know what they say: if you want something right – just do it yourself.

So, we need to prepare everything for when the man and a van in London arrives. Run down to the store and find the following items: a lot of cardboard boxes, a stapler, some rope, duck tape, nylon and plastic bags. When you acquire all of those you are ready to begin.

Just leave all of those in front of the entry door of the house and stop in one place. Imagine the house in your head as a 3D model. Pick the smallest rooms and start from them. They will not be having that much inside them, I assume. This is where you will need the items you got from the store. You know what to do. The smallest of possessions can be put inside bags and sealed, stuffed inside the boxes.

Moving along, look for things that will need special taking care of, as those are the time eaters. Remember this is a challenge, a race with time. You can not make the people from man van London wait that longer, so do yourself a favour and hurry up! Books should be dusted first before put inside the boxes. Brittle items, like vases are interesting to pack. Take a piece of nylon and cover the vase with it. Next tie it up with some rope. Order everything inside boxes and use paper to fill the empty holes.

This is how you get rid of anything smaller than your head. Do this in every room in the house until there is nothing left but the furniture. For that you can use a simple two – wheeled gadget that works best in such situations. Also be sure to have fun with this challenge. That way you will at least stay amused.

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