How to Move with Cat? Preparation

Cats are lovely animals that don’t like too much changes and adapt to new places more difficult than other animals. The best for your pet would be if you live in the same house or flat forever but, unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Can you do something that will make your favourite to feel a bit better during your move and to get used to your new home faster and easier? Yes, you can! Let’s see…

Removals London are quite stressful not only for you but also for your cat. The following tips will help your pet adapt easier to the new environment.

Before the moving day

All cats love their freedom and perhaps the most stressful part of the move for them is the fact that they should stay locked in their carriers. That’s why this should be your first task – help your beloved to overcome his/her fear of the carrier. This process is not so easy and it may take some time so it’ll be better if you start a couple of weeks before the actual move. Make a comfortable bed in the carrier and try to feed your cat inside it. Probably he/she wouldn’t like the idea, so you should leave your pet’s dish near the carrier in the beginning. Every day you could move it a bit closer to the carrier until your cat have no other choice but going inside it. If you feed your pet for several days in that way, you could be sure that he/she will succeed to get over his/her fear. Another very useful trick is to put some treats inside the carrier. This definitely would speed up the adaptation process.

Now you could feel easy in your mind that when the moving crew from your removal company London come to load your stuff and you have to lock your cat in his/her carrier, he/she won’t cry or meow heartbreakingly all the time. Next part of this article is dedicated to helping you to cope with your cat during the moving day.

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