How to Move a Fridge

Transportation of kitchen appliances is probably the most difficult part of every relocation. If you’ve decided to move your old fridge to your new home, you may find following tips for quite useful. Here experts from a moving company London will reveal you the secret of successful transportation of kitchen appliances like fridges. Take advantage of them and make sure that your fridge will be transported without even a scratch.

No matter whether you’ve made up your mind to manage with your relocation alone or you’ve chosen to take advantage of professional removal services London, you have to prepare your fridge for transportation by yourself. What should be done? Let’s begin with emptying it. Eat, give away or throw out all food from your fridge. You shouldn’t even think about moving it if there is some food in it. Bear in mind that this should be done a couple of days before moving date. It’s not a good idea to leave it for the last minute.

Next thing that you have to take care of is to defrost your fridge. Leave it for a day or two and make sure that there is absolutely no ice or frost. Dry it carefully with a soft cloth and your fridge will be ready to be transported.

Last step is to pack it properly. If you hire a proper moving company London, you could skip this item but otherwise have a look at it and find out how to protect your fridge in the best way. There is nothing better that wrapping your fridge in a layer of bubble wrap and put it into its original box. Of course, not many people keep these boxes so might have to look for another alternative. Using a bigger moving box and closing all gaps with packing peanuts is a great solution to your problems.

What else could help you transport your fridge safely? You have to realize that this is a heavy object that you can’t carry alone. That’s why one of the most important things that you have to take care of is to discover some helpers to give you a hand.

Moving a fridge is not so easy as you thought, is it?

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