How to Manage Smoke and Smells in Your Kitchen

One of the most unpleasant aspects of cooking is the smell. While I don’t mind the smell of a fresh hot stew waiting for me at the stable or boiling in its pot, I hate to say that the smell of stew disgusts me in a clean room and without me in the mood to eat. However, when you cook and use spices, it’s quite natural for the aromas to stay inside the house.

Oven cleaners Folkestone mention smoke and odours to be one of the main challenges, when cleaning ovens as well. If you overcook a dish in the oven, the smoke will most definitely linger. As you know as well as I do, part of what clean means is the absence of any odours.

What you need to do, when you find that your meal is smoking is to open all your windows and let the smoke air out. Your oven hood may work, but only partially. I personally allow for the kitchen and the oven to air out after each and every single meal. This is one of the easiest ways to combat the forming odours, but you will find yourself battling odours.

When you clean your utensils, you will have to learn how to add a fresh scent. One way to achieve this is through a few drops of lemon juice in the corners of your oven will make all the difference. A good oven hood will help in the day to day odour combat, but what I have found incredibly useful is to leave some orange peels around the house.

You might think the peels to be ineffective, but I guarantee that the moment you enter the kitchen you will be met with the nicest fragrance. The good thing about orange peels is that they last a longer time and will provide a great smell. If you have a big situation on your hands, you can call upon an oven cleaning Kent Faversham team to help you start over.

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