How to Make Your House Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the house is not an easy task, especially if your home is large. It is very important, though. Everyone, who is claimed to be a nice host, should keep all the rooms clean and neat at all times. Sometimes that is very difficult. This is why you should define precisely your activities and schedule them. Once you get the right schedule, you will have no problem organising your effective cleaning. This article will provide you with some useful tips.

The first thing to do is to take a piece of paper and write down the following words as sections: “Daily”, “Weekly” and “Monthly”. House cleaning Melbourne advise you to think carefully and decide how often the main tasks should be done.

After that, enter each of your rooms and determine what type of cleaning is needed. Put the activities into the right sections. For example, you may need to vacuum the carpets weekly and wash the curtains monthly. Don’t spend too much time in any room. Just note the activities and continue to the next one.

When you are ready with your list, take a look at the activities. Choose a suitable day for each activity. If everyone except you is out of the house on Tuesday morning, you can clean the bathroom without disturbing anybody. If you enjoy parties on Saturday night, tidy up the yard on Friday.

Here is a sample of the look of your schedule. You can use it, but remember that your home is special and you should include only the activities you need!

Daily Cleaning

  • Replace garbage bags.
  • Make the beds.
  • Wash the dishes.
  • Wipe down sinks and cooktop.

Weekly Cleaning

  • Clean the kitchen – mop the floors, wipe the appliances, wipe down countertops and polish kitchen sink.
  • Clean the bathroom – scrub toilet, bathtub, sinks and don’t forget to use a disinfectant.
  • Remove the dust from furniture.
  • Vacuum all carpets.
  • Change sheets.

Monthly schedule

  • Clean the oven.
  • Wash window curtains.
  • Defrost your fridge.

By following the above tips you will definitely succeed in cleaning. But if you need some sophisticated cleaning, you can hire domestic cleaning Frankston.

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