How to Make Your Home Germ-Proof

Every household is a subject of vigorous attack from bacteria. Simple cleaning is never sufficient as bacteria can remain and breed on a surface that you have already swiped clean. Thing is, you will never manage to completely destroy all germs in your house and this shouldn’t be your goal, when you clean. Yes, this article promotes the idea that you can render your home germ-proof, but not as literally as you would like.

The best that you can do short of hiring professional cleaning services is to minimize this constant barrage of germs with the following tips and strategies. Disinfection plays an important role as it maintains a healthy environment for your family to live in. This is especially crucial during flu seasons and the mild school epidemics.

The trick to efficient disinfection is to target the heaviest germ carriers in the house, which are the doorknobs and handles, the various remote controls, the switches, the phone, the keyboard and the flush in the toilet. Since they are the most touched on a daily basis, they are the key culprits for transferring germs through the whole house and on your hands, which is all the more dangerous. To properly kill bacteria on these items use cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol.

The next items that prove to be fertile in germs are the bed sheets and covers, which absorb all the dead skin cells that fall off while you sleep. This is a reason why you should wash them as often as possible and safe for the fabric. If you have white-only bedding, then soak them in some oxygen-based bleach to further disinfect the fibre and remove any stains that might have accumulated.

The last tips concerns the dishes and the cutlery. You would think that once you have washed your dishes, everything is fine, but that might be a bit misleading. Whether you did a good job with the dishes or not on a microscopic level, depends on how you performed the cleaning. In order to kill the bacteria from crockery you need to use hot to scalding water and extra liquid soap, which is a lot more potent when heated.

And there you go, you have a fantastic clean and a disinfected home at the same time.

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