How to Make Carpet Stain Removal Easier Part 1

The best way to deal with a stained carpet is to use professional cleaning services. However, if you cannot afford to hire professional cleaners, here are some tips that will help you to get the stains out of your carpet easier. The most important thing to remember when a stain occurs on your carpet is to treat it as soon as possible to prevent your carpet from being permanently damaged.

  1. Wine stains have a reputation as one of the most difficult stains to remove. However, these stain can be successfully cleaned up with common and natural household items. First, blot up as much wine from the carpet as you can using white paper towels. Next, make a solution of one part white vinegar mixed with two parts water, and apply it to the stain. Use paper towels to blot at the stained area. If the wine stain persists, carpet cleaning Clapham suggests you to use a solution of one part detergent and two parts of water. Once the stain is removed, spray clean water on the area to rinse. Absorb the water in the carpet by placing a good amount of paper towels on the wet area. Weigh the paper towels down with a heavy object to help extract more moisture.
  2. To remove candle wax from your carpet easier, first, rub an ice cube over it to freeze the wax. Next, use a metal spoon to peel it off, then vacuum the carpet. Treat any remaining wax by placing a brown paper on the stained area, and then running a low heated iron over the paper. The melted wax will be absorbed by the brown paper, according to carpet cleaning Clapham team, but if it is too much you will have to use more than one paper. Use a white paper towel moistened with rubbing alcohol to remove any wax that remains. Rinse the carpet with water and absorb with paper towels.

If these advices were useful to you, make sure to read the next part of the article where you will find more handful tips about how to remove stains caused by pets, ink and Play-Doh.

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