How to Make a Turkey Wingbone Call

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To make a Turkey wing bone call, it means much as it sounds: this is a call out of the leg bone of a Turkey. It is easy to do and does not take much time. It is cheaper to make your own than to buy one. This kind of international call may be more efficient.


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First you have to take out the bones of the wing of a Turkey. Then clean it off. The cleanliness is important for the wing bone call to work properly. The feathers, fat and skin have to be out of the turkey wing bones.

The second step is cutting apart the bones with your file. You will have three separate bones after you have made slices where each bone meets. After turning the bones to the side you have to see clearly the bones inside.

The next step for you is putting out excess bone marrow with a thin piece of wire. It is not necessary to be squeaky clean but you have to get all of it out you can. It is better to take as much as you can with the wire but the marrow will be cleaned further.

After that the bones have to be boiled. Then add a few tablespoons of bleach. It will help for sanitizing and make the marrow softer. In that way the cleaning out of the marrow will be easier. The trick is to have a hollow. When the boiling is finished, take the bones out. You have to extract the rest of the marrow. Continue the boiling if you cannot get it all out. The bones have to be dry before you go to the next step.
Then the bones have to be fit inside one another. The bones grow smaller so if cannot differentiate them, fit them together by size. You can sand them down for perfect fit.

And the last step- gluing the bones together and make yourself sure that they will not come apart. The one end of the Turkey wing bone  international call can be cover with a cloth handkerchief. In that way your mouth will not be directly to the bone. So you will have the ability to blow directly into the widest end.

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