How to make a cocktail and clean with vodka, at the same time

We spend hours wondering what types of commercial cleaning products to buy. Most of you do not know that they contain a lot of toxins that are harmful for you and your family. To live healthy life you need to use environmentally friendly solutions, that you can make from house-hold ingredients. This way you will save money and time.

Not so common cleaning solvent is vodka. You can use it for every day cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning, when moving out. Vodka is one of the most effective all-purpose alternatives to chemical-based cleaning solutions, that you can buy from the store. It will bring the sparkle to your home. You can use vodka to deodorize the laundry, just pour some vodka in the washing machine, during the rinsing process. You can remove grass and vomit stains, using vodka. All you need to do is to soak a clean cloth with it and then scrub the stain. Vodka-based spray can remove cigarette odors and freshen up the air in the room.This is very effective solvent when you need to clean the bathroom. Make a spray and you can clean both the chrome and glass surfaces. You can also remove soap residue and it will help you to get rid of mildew and mold.

During the cleaning process you can use the vodka to prepare a great smooth after-dinner cocktail. “White could” tastes amazing after a big meal. Here is some useful information about how to prepare it. Take a shaker and add ice, 50ml vodka, 25ml crème de cacao and the same amount of cream and 60ml pineapple. After that shake the liquids and then strain into your rocks glass over ice. Kick back and relax. After all you need a reward after the end of tenancy cleaning, so sit down and enjoy the lovely cocktail.

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