How to Maintain Waxed Tile Floors

Cleaning waxed tile flooring is an essential chore if you want to keep its shiny finish. When you have pets or children running through the home, messes can occur. When you have tile in the kitchen, food or liquid spills can be tough to clean. This is especially true when the food gets stuck on the tile floors. Furthermore, wax is a material that can come off the tile if you do not use proper cleaning methods.
Your first step in fulfilling an effective cleaning process is to select and prepare the proper cleaning tools. In this case you will only need non-abrasive floor cleaner, soft sponge mop and a clean bucket. After having these things on hand you may proceed with the actual treatment.
Buy a non-abrasive floor cleaner if you already don’t have one at home. Read the cleaner’s instructions for wax floor safety because some cleaners remove the wax layer as well. According to cleaners Heath Park the products that do not include, but are not limited to, Lundmark Wax Co. Neutral Floor Cleaner, Professional Mop & Glo Triple Action Floor Cleaner and Pledge Tile & Vinyl Floor Cleaner. You should also work with a mop with a sponge or rag top without a scraper. You can find any of the following in the nearest local home improvement or grocery stores.
Use a bucket or your sink for hot water. Soak your mop and then wring it out.
Pour or spray a dime-size amount of cleaner on the floor. Choose a large square section farthest away from the sink.
Then go over the section with your mop. Work in a back and forth motion to cover the square. Go to the sink and wring out the mop. Once again go over the section. Use another dime-size amount of cleaner if necessary. Repeat the whole process until you have cleaned the whole floor.
Cleaning Heath Park team wish you great final results!

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