How to Maintain Wall Coverings

Walls take a battering at various spots around the house – consider points of entry or tight areas when items are carried through the house – but inevitably, the room where the family spends most time are the most likely to show signs of wear. In a living room, walls are especially prone to smears and scuffs and grubby finger marks.
Choosing the type of wall coverings depends on the size and nature of your family. Another point is the maintenance of the chosen type. So, a cleaner Mayfair gives some tips on how to maintain wall coverings of different types.
Washable wallpapers are coated with a thin transparent vinyl layer, which makes them easier to clean and more difficult to stain. Dust regularly with a soft brush and wipe over with a damp cloth dipped in mild detergent and warm water. Rinse with a damp cloth and a bucket of clean warm water.
Non-washable wallpapers require gentler treatment. Dust regularly with soft brush or cloth. Spot clean by dabbing with powdered borax and brushing out. Another homemade remedy is to rub gently with a piece of bread rolled into a ball, or a soft rubber eraser.
Fabric walls need to be dusted gently with a soft brush or damp cloth. Spot clean with a sponge or soft bristle brush soaked in mild detergent or soap solution. For tough stains try a solution of mild bleach. Rinse well and dry with absorbent towel to avoid streaking.
Wipe cork walls with hot water, without detergent. When you need something stronger, wipe with a mixture of one part methylated spirits to ten parts water, and rinse with a clean damp cloth. For extra shine, buff with a dry cloth tied to the end of a broom. If you have unsealed cork, consider waxing it for protection.
Wood paneling can be dusted or vacuumed clean with the soft brush attachment. For grubby finger marks, use a cloth dampened in a mild detergent solution.
A cleaner Woodgreen suggests using a damp cloth and a solution of washing up liquid for keeping ceramic tiles clean. To remove stains, rub with neat washing up liquid.

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