How to Maintain Titanium Rings

One of the most current jewelry nowadays are the ones made of Titanium. To be more detail, one of the most popular things you can wear is a titanium ring. The main reason why such jewelry are so preferred is the fact that this material looks pretty well, besides its durability. Unfortunately, it scratches extremely easily , and if treated inappropriately, you can end up with dirt embedded in the titanium. Happily, there is a simple and easy to fulfill maintenance that can make your titanium ring looks like brand new.

Learn what exactly you should do to achieve good cleaning results from the following cleaners Harvey Gardens tips on the subject:

As a start you should prepare the things you will use to fulfill an effective cleaning. In this case you will only need two soft, lint-free clothes, water, bowl and mild dish soap.

Prepare a cleaning solution of one cup of warm water and three drops of mild detergent in a bowl. Mix the liquid well, using your fingers. It is not necessary to form suds.

Dip the ring in the liquid. Allow it to sit there for about 5 minutes in order to loosen the grime from its surface.

After that take your ring out and wipe it with the soft, lint-free cloth to lift up all dirt that is left on the ring.

Next, swill off the ring under running water. Cleaners Hatch End advice to always ensure that all of the soap is removed, because a film may appear on the ring when it dries.

To finish just wipe the ring with a dry, clean lint-free cloth.

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