How to Maintain Chamois Leather Jacket

Chamois leather is a great material. It is soft, supple form of suede that originally came from the chamois antelope but is now taken from the skin of sheep. Due to its high price it is mostly used for a car interiors, as gloves, bags and jackets. According to the professional, this type of leather is the best choice if you have decided to purchase a nice leather jacket. Unfortunately, this material require really delicate maintenances. In most of the cases the manufacturer labels say “DRY CLEAN ONLY”. However, you can handle suck treatment by yourself if you are aware what are the proper cleaning tools you can use.

In order to facilitate you in managing with such procedure cleaners Headstone provide the following tips on how to clean a chamois leather jacket:

Take a clean spray bottle and pour warm water in it until it’s filled. Spray your chamois jacket with it to rinse well.

Then lather the exterior side of the jacket with a mild detergent or bar soap and work it in carefully against the leather with your fingers.

Next , once again swill out the jacket with the spray bottle content to lift the soap off the jacket.

Repeat the previous two steps several times.

After that wring out the excess soap and water off the jacket.

As a final effort just place it on a clean towel to dry. Cleaners Hayes Town warn you not to expose your leather item on a direct sunlight or close to a heat source. It is best to turn the jacket with its interior side out. After there is no any moisture traces on it just store the jacket in your wardrobe.

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