How to Maintain a Tie-Dye Shirt

Whether store bought or homemade, a tie-dye shirt always require a specific and extremely careful treatment. The commercial cleaning methods are not appropriate for such item, because they are too harsh for the tie-dye. In order to save your garment bright look you should find another, not that harsh way such as the bleach treatment to clean it.

Considering that cleaners Hatton provide the following tips on how to properly clean a tie-dye shirt without causing any damages:

Store shirt treatment

As a beginning always read your shirt care label. Usually, you should wash the tie-dyed fabrics in warm or cold water. If you have to clean only a small stains, treat them with pr-treatment spray and allow the spray soak into the fabric for about 10 minutes. Cleaners Harvey Gardens warn you not to use products that contain bleach as they will discolor the tie-dye.

Apply small amount of laundry pr-treatment to any stains. Then put your shirt in the washer and add detergent. Once again, make sure that to use a gentle soap that contains no bleach.

After that hang your shirt outdoors or lay it flat to dry. Do not use a heather to speed up the process. The natural air-drying will keep colors bright and will reduce the fading.

Homemade shirt treatment

Pr-treat any stains as needed. Leave the cloth to stand like that for about 10 minutes after the cleaner application in order to soak well into the fabric.

Then hand wash the shirt. Cleaners Hatch End remind you that you should use only cold water. Pour a few drops of detergent in a bowl with cold water and stir well. Then allow the shirt to soak in a bath for 10 to 15 minutes. After that carefully rub the fabric together to remove dirt and grime. Squeeze the excess soap and water, rinse under cold water to get rid of all the soapy residue wring out liquid.

As a final effort just let the tie-dye shirt to naturally air dry and iron on a low settings.

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