How to Maintain a Car CD Player

Can you define one moment of your day that really drives you crazy? May be when you spill your coffee all over yourself , you are late for work, a car passes by in a rainy weather and you end up wet from the heels to your head? All that are really silly situation that unfortunately happen very often. However, nothing can compares with the feeling you sense when you got stuck in a traffic. All this noise, mad people and sitting on one place is awful. There are just two things that can save you from nerve crisis – your CD player and your imagination. Considering how essential is your player, especially in tense situations, it is really important to prolong its life as much as you can. Happily that doesn’t takes a lot- you just have to clean it regularly and of course in a proper way.
Having in mind that cleaners Holborn provide the following tips n how to maintain your car CD player:
As a start purchase a commercial CD cleaner. You can find one in every supply store as well as in the biggest supermarkets. Let it to go through its entire cleaning cycle in order to get rid of any dust on the lenses. Clean up the cleaner CD traces and return to storage box .
Work with scratch remover that came with your kit. Place a CD on the cleaner pad. Close the clear door over the CD. Rotate the discs using the handle on the scratch filler.
Take the discs out of the scratch remover and work on it with the filler from the tube provided in your kit. Add filler in a straight lines, working from the center outward. Wipe off using a lint-free swab. Cleaners Holborn warn n you NOT to dry in a circular motions as that will cause additional problems.
After that apply small amount of alcohol provided with your kit. Take a clean, lint-free swab from your kit to wipe off the alcohol. Do not forget to work in straight strokes from the center outward. Then check your player operation and disc function. In case you notice any problems just repeat the cleaning procedure again.
Good luck!

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