How to Kill Ants by Destroying their Nests

Having ants at home is an unpleasant situation that happens when home owners do not clean their domestic environment regularly. Well, there are other factors that could also be the reason why you have ants, crossing around your home. However, in both cases, it is very important to find the most effective way to fight these unwelcome guests. And the best strategy available is to attack their nest.

Did you know that professional cleaners London have lots of clients having problems with ants? Well, this is true. Many of these desperate home owners call their cleaners, searching for the best possible answer that will give them the opportunity to say goodbye to the ants living in their homes. Well, if you are one of these desperate home owners, then do not worry, you will be rewarded for your patience. In this article, I will tell you how to destroy ants, by attacking their nest.

Before starting the procedure, you should do some things first. The most important thing is to wear rubber boots or shoes, because when you attack the nest, all of the ants will be streaming out of it.

And here are 3 effective nest destroying methods to use:

1. Make a solution of ¼ cup of some dish-washing detergent and 2-3 litres of boiling water. Then, pour a large amount of the solution into the nest and wait to see the amazing results.

2. To get rid of the ants, you can also pour about 300-500 ml of cider vinegar down inside their nest. You have to do this for about three days.

3. Bring about 200-400 ml of water to the boil. Then, add a few tablespoons of salt into the water to make a strong-salt mixture. Pour the solution into the ant hill. Professional cleaners in London advise repeating the procedure once a day, for about three days.

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