How to Keep Your Workplace Clean

No one likes to work in a mess, not only you look bad in front of the boss but you’re also less productive. There are some simple things you can do in order to change that which will also help you build a habit useful in cleaning the house. All of those tasks will take no more than ten to fifteen minutes if you manage to preform them everyday and trust me you’ll be amazed by the results.

Remove Clutter

So the first thing you have to start with is organizing, all the unnecessary papers, sticky notes etc. just have to go away. Since you have a computer you can make notes on your desktop and keep your work space a little more organized. Next are the important documents and files which you should sort in to folders and label them. That will most certainly reduce the time you spend searching for something.

Keeping your work space clean means you have to actually clean it, get a microfiber cloth or kitchen paper, some multi-purpose detergent and once a day wipe everything out. Of course you’ll need a different cleaning solution for your computer but there are small packages which won’t take much form your space. Talking about it you should check the drawers and remove any unnecessary objects form them.

Another thing you should avoid is eating in front of the computer, because of all the germs and bacteria. You may not know but the keyboard is more than ten times dirtier than your toilet, therefore eating while typing something is not a good idea. Moreover it would be much better for you to go and eat somewhere outside – in the park for example. And forget about snacks during work, small particles will get stuck in the keyboard producing excellent environment for germs.

Now you’re finished with the cleaning it is time to make the atmosphere more pleasant. First install some green plants, they not only look great, filter the air and neutralize negative energy but also help reduce stress. Green is associated with nature which always calms you and makes you feel well. There are many flowers which don’t require much attention and all you need to do is water them and remove dust form their leaves.

Whenever you can open the windows so that fresh air can circulate in the room where you’re working. There is nothing more terrible than fug air, it messes with your concentration and can cause headache. Also get an air freshener, choose the scent carefully because different smells act in certain ways to the human organism and mood. All those things will most certainly improve your concentration and increase your productivity.

If you don’t think this will work remember there are cleaning companies which anyway preform these things. On the other hand the work won’t be done as diligently as you would do it. Therefore think again before you decide fifteen minutes are too much. Remember the keyboard of your computer and all the germs.

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