How to Keep Your Floors Clean

Floor cleaning is an important part of the household maintenance and should be part of the daily home cleaning routine. Unfortunately, many housewives leave the floor cleaning for the weekends and clean them only when they have more time. However, floor cleaning should be done every day on a regular basis as the floors are one of the biggest dust and dirt collectors in a home, especially if there are carpets and rugs placed on them.

Here are some floor cleaning tips on how to keep your floors clean properly, shared by carpet cleaners Aldgate.

  • Washing the Floor

Clear the floor, then dust and vacuum it. Wearing rubber gloves, mix a solution of an all-purpose cleaner recommended for the surface following manufacturer’s instructions. Wearing clean, soft-souled shoes, use a string mop to apply the solution. Starting in a corner of the room and working back to the door, wet the floor a section at a time with the solution. Load the mop with solution and partially wring it. Spin in air, before mop hits floor, to spread the mop. Then plop down and move across floor from side to side in a figure eight pattern; reload as necessary. Keep a separate bucket to wring the waste water. For stubborn dirt and encrusted particles, scrub using an abrasive pad. Use same procedure to rinse floor with clean water.

  • Sealing Grout

Wash the floor, then clean grout with a specialized cleaner made for grout, following manufacturer instructions. Wearing rubber gloves, moisten a tile brush or an old toothbrush with cleaner and shake it, then gently scrub with it. Wipe the grout dry using a clean, lint-free cloth.

For mildew, work the same way using a solution of 1 cup of vinegar per quart of water or, if you can’t stand smell of vinegar, a commercial mildew remover following manufacturer’s specifications. Let the grout dry; to protect it, seal it.

Wearing rubber gloves, start at corner of room and work back to door to seal grout one joint at a time. Moisten a clean, lint-free cloth or sponge with sealer, then wipe grout with it. Carefully wiping off any stray sealer on tile with another clean cloth. Let the sealer dry thoroughly. And do not wet floor for period of 24 hours. A recommendation of professional cleaners Bellingham is: for new tile installations, let freshly installed grout cure for period of 72 hours prior to sealing.

  • Sealing Tile

Wash the floor, then seal it with a water-based sealer recommended for tile following manufacturer’s instructions. Wearing rubber gloves and clean, soft-souled shoes, prepare the sealer and apply it. Pour a small amount of sealer into a roller tray, then use a paintbrush to apply a band of it 3 to 4 inches wide to perimeter of floor.

Starting at a corner of the room and working to the door, apply sealer to rest of floor a section at a time using a wax applicator with a lamb’s wool pad. Load the applicator with sealer, then move it back and fourth across the floor in a slightly overlapping passes, spreading the sealer evenly. Immediately wipe off any white residue left by evaporating sealer using a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with sealer. Let the sealer dry thoroughly.

If you stick to the guidelines and clean your floors and carpeting properly and on a regular basis, then you will not need the help of professional cleaning services, which will save you a lot of money.

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