How to Improve Your Home with Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui? It is an old technique through which people can harmonise the flow of the natural energy in their home. The result is more positive energy in the house and that can bring wealth and health to the owners. Well, do not expect to become a millionaire but you can at least have more peaceful life.

The main idea of Feng Shui is to teach you how to control the energy in a room. For that purpose it is important to get rid of things such as clutter so you can call the rubbish removals right away. When you get rid of the useless things, you can start arranging the five main elements of Feng Shui: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Wood is the first one as it is considered a sign of new beginning. Do not replace the wood element with wooden furniture but buy a green plant. The furniture is made of dead wood.

The second element is fire. You can use candles but remember to be very careful. If you don’t want candles, you can replace them with a table lamp with red shade.

Don’t forget the third element – earth. I suppose you think if soil when you hear that and you are partially right but you need to add stones and rock to fulfil the element.

Metal is the next element and there are several forms to chose between such as Bronze, Gold and Silver. It is important to remember that the shape of the statue you are going to put in the room should be nice but not an ugly one. Pick something you like.

Last although not less important is the fifth element – water. Water is the main element our body consists of. The best way to add this element to your home is with an aquarium or you can replace with by the colours black and blue. And remember, you have to put those elements on the right place and you should remove the clutter. Professional junk removals can do a great job and you will be very thankful after that.

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