How to Grow Ma Huang

Ma huang is not a famous herb across Europe, but in China is well-known plant with many appliances. Regardless its original growing place, you can easily grow it in your home or garden. You should know that ma huang is has strong medical purposes as its root is used to treat colds and flu. Another great use of this effective herb is as appetizer. However, you should know that one of the main ingredients in this plant is Ephedra, which is illegal in many states in USA. If you want to grow an efficient and very helpful plant, follow the tips in this article.

But let’s get started. At first you should prepare the soil. For this purpose mix equal parts of sand and soil and place the mixture into a flowerpot. The seeds of ma huang should be located on the top of the potting soil. Once you place them, cover them lightly with sand. Prior to planting you have to water thoroughly. Keep the soil moist at all times and inspect it frequently. Make sure to maintain good moisture, but do not overwater. You may drown the plant, if you add excess water.

Another important thing is the placement of the ma huang pot in your home. The herb requires direct sunlight at least six hours every day, so pick a suitable place for it. Cover with a plastic warp as well to preserve more moisture. In about 11 days the seeds should begin to germinate into small seedlings. This is the time to remove the plastic warp. You have to reduce the amounts of water as well. This Chinese plant is desert type, so it doesn’t need much water to develop.

The young seedlings need some special care. Once every two weeks you have to add low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer to boost your plant. Later when your herb reaches about 4 inches in height, you are free to transplant them in the desired planting site. Anyway, you can also leave them in pots, if you have decided to grow ma huang indoors. The plant will grow effectively both ways – in your garden and indoors, so the choice is yours.

However, if you see any difficulties with the growing process of ma huang, make sure to ask an experienced person for help. There are many dependable gardeners in Bexley and the other London areas, so you will easily find a reliable helping hand. Relying on expert opinion is way better than having unhealthy plant.

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