How to Green Clean Suede Sneakers

Suede is an often used material in the cloth and shoe manufacture. Even the most luxury shoe brands use this material for their top models produce. It looks really stylish and can be combined with any other texture, depending on the model of the shoe. However, many practical consumers abstain from suede because, with regular wear, especially if you have a pair of suede sneakers, suede shoes become dirty and water-stained and lose their beauty. Still, with careful use and the right cleaning method, your suede shoes can easily save their natural beauty.

In order to help you in this undertaking cleaners Mayfair provide the following tips on how to green clean your suede sneakers:

Get rid of the dry stains, dirt and scuff marks using a suede cleaning brush, tooth brush or a clean cloth. Work in one direction to raise up the nap, lift dirt and debris to the surface and wipe them off . In case you notice any marks left, rub the affected area with a white eraser and brush over to restore the texture of the material. Have in mind that you can only work with a white eraser, as all the colored ones are likely to leave behind some color on the shoe surface.

To clean water marks moisten the entire shoe with a spray bottle. These bottles are the perfect option for this case as they will help you prevent excess saturation. Once the suede surface is damp, take a clean cloth and rub the visible water marks with it. Cleaners Whitechapel remind you never to forget to stuff your shoes with newspaper to save their shape. That is a must do when you are cleaning suede shoes! Once you are done let your pair to air dry. Professionals warn you to never use a dryer to speed up the drying process as it will only create additional water mark stains.

Combine equal parts of vinegar and water. Dip a clean cloth in the vinegar solution. Wring the excess water out. The cloth should be only damp , now wet in order to prevent damage on the suede surface. Rub the vinegar-soaked cloth over the affected areas that still seem to be dirty. The vinegar will make the sneakers to smell but the odor will fade after a couple of days.

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