How to Get Rid Of the Ugly Coffee Stains On Your Teeth

There is nothing better than a cup of aroma coffee early in the morning, on your way to work. Usually, that is all that a person need at the first hours of the day. Unfortunately, despite its advantages, coffee have one significant negative quality- it stains your teeth, especially if you consume it on a regular basis. If you want to get rid of the yellowing on your enamel you should stop neglecting the problem and take some actions. Happily, you don’t have to spend a great amount of money to restore your beautiful smile . Actually, you can handle that by yourself.

Learn how to handle such procedure from the following cleaners Cricklewood tips on the subject:

As a start you have to calm down, because you don’t have to purchase a professional dentist equipment or tools in order to whiten your teeth. You’ll only need no more than 3 products.

Once weekly, apply your favourite toothpaste to your toothbrush. Then submerge the toothpaste on the brush into a container of baking soda. Work on your teeth with that for two minutes. It is a natural reaction to have the desire to do that as regularly as possible so you can achieve some results faster, but have in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it as the soda is abrasive and its excessive use may be the reason for other problems. For example, it will ware off your enamel if you don’t use it in the right manner.

The other basic step you should gain as a habit is to use a treatment of a home bleaching kit. You can purchase one from every grocery store. The kit you need is the type that has plastic syringes which you can apply to the clear transparent rubber mouth pieces. Allow that to stand on for about 20 minutes.

Have in mind that you can simply refill the kit instead of buying a new one. According to cleaners Cricklewood that will cost you no more than 5 dollars!

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