How to Get Rid Of the Nasty Smell in Your Flat

Your flat is not only the interior and the clean floors and shelves; it’s also the atmosphere that makes the huge difference. Candles, curtains, fireplace, carpets and pictures at the walls – they all create this home-like feeling. This is why such a small thing as a nasty smell can ruin everything at once. Cleaners Alphington want to share some advices on how you can make your apartment smell good so that you and all your guests have a pleasant stay there.

First of all, you need to identify the smell. Is it just the moisture and the dust or is the situation much worse? If there’s a reason causing an unpleasant smell, you need to find it and eliminate. Walk around your flat carefully checking where does it smell. In the kitchen it can be the rubbish or the dirty dishes, as well as some old food in the fridge or in the shelves. If it’s your rubbish bin, throw away the rubbish and clean the bin carefully, as well as the place where it is usually located. If the smell comes from the fridge, get rid of all the old smelly food and clean the fridge from the inside carefully. The same applies to all the other rooms in your flat. If you live in the house don’t forget to check the attic and the basement, since there can be some dead rats or any other small animals causing your trouble.

Buy an air freshener or make it yourself. You can use some essential oils and oil lamp, but don’t put too much oil there, it should be the right amount, just a drop of oil, so that it doesn’t become too sweet or too difficult to stay inside. Open the windows more often to ventilate the whole place. When doing cleaning Alphington also don’t forget to ventilate the rooms from all the dust and cleaning liquid smells. Even if they smell good, it’s not healthy to breathe with washing powder for example. If you take care of the smell and cleaning in your apartment regularly, there should be no more problems in the future.

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