How to Get Rid of Rust Stains

Rust stains are frequently caused by inadvertent contact with rusted items like tools, metal furniture, appliances and cars. Removing such a stain from clothing, carpeting or upholstery, could be accompanied by a lot of nerves, as rust stains are not from the easiest to get rid of. However, with some patience and a few simple tips, these stains would be nothing more than a bad memory. Follow these guidelines, shared by cleaners Ruislip Gardens, and get rid of the unpleasant rust stain once and for all.

  1. Place a clean, white cloth or several paper towels on a flat surface, then put the stained fabric on top with the rust stain facing up. The purpose of the cloth is to absorb the excess liquid used to remove the stain.
  2. Saturate the stain with a generous amount of lemon juice either from bottle or fresh lemon. The lemon juice has bleaching effect, so be careful on what type of fabric you use it, as cleaners Ruislip Manor warn.
  3. Sprinkle table salt over the affected area, so the entire rust stain is covered, and gently rub the salt into the fabric using your thumb. The salt has abrasive properties that help removing the rust.
  4. Put the garment on a place with a lot of sun, such as near a window, if the weather doesn’t allow to take it outside. The sunlight will boost the bleaching effect of the lemon juice, so it would be better to leave the fabric in sun as long as possible, and best until the lemon juice dries completely on the rust stain.
  5. Wash the garment in your washing machine at the hottest water suitable for the type of fabric.
  6. Examine the fabric for any rust stains left after washing. If the rust is gone, let your garment air dry, otherwise, repeat all the steps as many time as needed to remove the rust stain.

You can use white vinegar as an alternative to the lemon juice if you don’t have any at home. If the rust stain remains regardless of your efforts, consider taking the garment to a dry cleaner.

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