How to Get Rid Of Oven Glass Stains

There are many appliances in every kitchen, requiring a good maintenance. However, ovens are probably one of the hardest to clean appliances in your entire home. Usually, there are exceptions, but in most cases housewives spend hours a day in their kitchens. They use their ovens to prepare different meals for their families. However, you know how your oven looks after cooking. Therefore, you need to find some alternative options, which will help you with your oven cleaning.

If you have problems with glass stains on your oven door then you can ask some of the London cleaning professionals for an advice how to handle the problem. Actually, if you have the right materials and products for the job, you will be able to clean your oven door easily. Moreover, you can also use some home-made cleaners to get rid of the annoying stains. So, here are some oven cleaning tips, which will make all the spots on your oven door to disappear.

  • You will need: dry cloths, some rubbing alcohol, a sponge and a razor blade.

1. The first step to take is to treat the stains using a cloth dampened with some rubbing alcohol. This will help you with the hard grease stains. The rubbing alcohol will soften the stain and will make it easier to remove. Also, it will disinfect the area, killing all the bacteria.

2. The next thing to do is to take the razor blade to scrape off the hardest stains. Use rubbing alcohol again to soften the stains and then gently remove the grease. Be careful, to not cut yourself. Do not apply strong pressure, because you can damage the glass surface of your oven door.

3. When you are done cleaning the grease wash the area using a sponge with the cleaner, you have chosen for the job. This way, you can be calm that the stains are completely disinfected. Then, you need to clean the entire oven glass door with some cleaning detergent. Professional London cleaners warn you to NOT use any scrubbing tools, which can damage the glass surface. Rinse well with water and dry the glass door with a clean cloth.

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