How to get a hole in one

The odds of an amateur getting a hole-in-one are one in a million, but if you’re a pro these figures rise to one in 3,000. Therein lies the answer, practise is paramount.

Watching golfers perform on YouTube will help you pick up tips to improve your trajectory through ample swing.

Also, research your course. What’s the average wind speed? Are there any extraneous factors that affect the drive of the ball?

What club do winning golfers use to get a hole-in-one? While skill is vital, the technology in the clubs used plays a part. It is the combination of drive and metal that gets the ball where it is going, after all.

A good caddy who knows you and the pitch could work wonders for your chances of getting a hole-in-one. Pick someone with a long-history in the game with ties to top tee-offs, for your greatest chance.

Then practise, practise, practise! There are many UK golf hotels where you can pick the brains of the experts, listen to the stories behind the bar, and try new techniques and courses to improve your swing.

Best of all going round all the holes at different courses presents different challenges, which means the more courses you play, the more you improve your game. Think about how much training the pros do to get to the top of their game.

Luckily, good golf hotel deals are making the sport more accessible. Pay particular attention to the playing courses in Northern Ireland, as this tiny part of the United Kingdom has produced three championship winners in just over a year.

Wind is a factor that makes a course a beast for even the most seasoned golfers, so why not try playing in inclement conditions, to be able to adapt to anomalies that present themselves in the game.

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