How to Easily Maintain an Expensive Chandelier

Everyone wants to impress his guests. This is the reason why people plan meeting and dinners weeks, even months before the actual day. They shop, cook or order a special meal and most of all clean up their home to perfection. However, sometimes the time is not enough to handle everything. For example, you’ve probably faced the problem how to quickly get rid of all the dust accumulation on your beautiful chandelier without reinstall it. No need to freak out. Happily, you can restore your chandelier shiny appearance quickly and easily without taking it down or tearing it apart.
Learn how to do that from the following cleaners Brompton tips on how to properly clean your chandelier for no time:
To start you have to store out a few items you will need in order to achieve good final results. In this case you have to prepare a commercial window cleaner, ladder towels, soft cloth, rubber bands or twist ties and Sandwich baggies. When you have everything on hand you mast start the actual cleaning.
Firstly, always be sure that the chandelier’s light bulbs are off and already cooled down.
Next, place bath towels underneath your chandelier to soak up any moisture or mess that may occur during the treatment. After that take your ladder and set it .
Take the plastic baggies and cover any light sockets with them. Cleaners Brompton explain that you should also secure them underneath the socket with twist ties or rubber bands. In that way you will prevent eventual cleaner spill into the socket that will results as electrical problems.
Then take your window cleaner and spray down the entire chandelier surface with it. Work calmly and be confident! Don’t fear that you may have it dripping wet — this will help slide the dirt off and onto the towel.
Let the chandelier drip to naturally dry. After that it will be ready for any guests you may be expecting./

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