How to do end of tenancy cleaning

Many tenants will need their rent deposit when they leave a rented property in order to organize the transportation of their items to the new place. However, most property owners will not give them back the deposit if the tenants left the house in a dirty state. Even the renters have done some kind of cleaning, this is not guarantee that the landlord will be satisfied with the cleanliness of the house. So why would you do the cleaning on your own and risk your deposit, when you can use a professional end of tenancy cleaning services which will ensure the satisfaction of your landlord with the cleanliness.

End of tenancy cleaning is a chore job which includes thorough cleaning of the house. If you are decided to do it on your own, it is batter to have a plan which to follow during the cleaning. This will make your job more organized and easier.

The kitchen is may be one of the dirtiest places in the house. You will need of specialized equipment and a proper chemicals in order to clean all the grease and grime. Make sure to clean all cupboard, the stain from the microwave and oven. Defrost the freezer before you start cleaning it, that will save you time. You also should forget the windows and the doors of the kitchen in other words there are shouldn’t be any spot in the kitchen which is not cleaned.

The toilet and the bathroom are other areas which need more careful cleaning. You should clean and disinfect the floor, also the mirrors,cupboards and the windows. To prevent the spread of diseases you shouldn’t skip bathroom cleaning with easy hands.

Other things you should pay attention on are the cleaning of all carpets, mopping the floors, polishing all wood work.

Many people hire a professional company to do the end of tenancy cleaning. Usually, cleaning companies charge per hour or the cost is determined by the size of the property. Although using end of tenancy cleaning services is not cheap, it could cost much less than your rent deposit. Also if you you are not satisfied with the quality of cleaning, the company should provide a free redo of the cleaning job. If there is any area of the house with which you can’t handle then using professional end of tenancy cleaning services is the right choice for you.

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